• Rush Sigma Alpha!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How often does Sigma Alpha meet?
    Currently every Monday night at 7:00 in Ehly Hall 220, it is the best time that works for everyone. The only time it is different is during recruitment week in which we meet each night at 6:00.  We will also meet different days of the week if there is a social or other event planned.  If you have anny further questions please contact our recruitment chair, Amelia Nichols.

    What do you do at these meetings?
    Each week we will either have a sister fellowship or a business meeting, usually they go every other week.  At Sister Fellowships, we plan fun activities that bond us girls together, like working on resumes for upcoming job fairs or decorating keychains, cookies, watching movies, having pot lucks, etc.  We do something different each week when we have Sister Fellowship and it's always a great break from school.  During our business meetings, we get all our upcoming events situated and planned out.  We also discuss current happenings in the world of agriculture, and get necessary business taken care of, whether it is taking care of financial reports or voting in those for new positions. 

    Do you have a house?
    Currently we do not, but we are in the talks about possibly having one.

    What activities do you guys do/host?
    We host the Ag Career Fair every fall, we celebrate Founder's Day and Homecoming Week, put on Big Event at NDSU, help out with Ag in the Classroom, and have socials with other organizations at least once a month.  We also have partnered up with CommonGround and run various events with them as well.  

    What are the requirements to be part of Sigma Alpha?
    You are required to be involved in one other organization, we recommend you being enrolled in an Ag-related major or have some role in agriculture, and we also prefer you have a 2.25 GPA or above.  

    Can we be in another sorority along with Sigma Alpha?
    We recommend not, sororities won't take you if you are already in another fraternity or sorority.  Besides, once a Sigma Alpha, always a Sigma Alpha!

    I want to join and I have a friend that wants to as well, can I bring them with me to Rush Week? 
    Of course! The more the merrier.  Our biggest way of getting the word out is through friends and acqaintances.  


  • Rush Week - Fall 2016

    (September 12th-16th)



    Monday September 12th- Info Night (Most Important Night)

     -6:30 PM in Glen Hill Center RM 130 (STEM Bulding)


    Tuesday September 13th - Big Iron

    - 4:30 PM meet in Memorial Union then drive to event


    Wednesday September 14th - Creative Canvases

     - 6:30 in the Memorial Union (Prarie Rose) 


     Thursday September 15th - Swing Dancing

    - 6:30 PM meet in the Memorial Union then walk over to Farmhouse Fraternity (1144 College Street N)


    Friday  September 16th - Bonfire

    -7:00 PM in Memorial Union to head over to Carlie's house